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Cubes is an addictive online game that combines the mechanics of Snake and 2048. In this game, your objective is to obtain a higher number by collecting free cubes and consuming other players who possess a smaller number than you. As you navigate the playing field, your cubes with the same value will merge when they collide. This allows you to increase your number and grow stronger. With its engaging gameplay mechanics, Cubes offers a unique and compelling gaming experience that will keep you hooked as you strive to achieve the highest number possible.

Merge blocks to grow
Cubes 2048 turns 2048 into a 3D .io game! Slide around the arena picking up blocks to get bigger. Picking up two of the same number will merge them into a single block as the total sum of both.
Consume the competition
In Cubes, you can eat any number smaller than you - including your opponents. At the same time, you should be wary of bigger opponents coming to gobble you up or take a big chunk out of your block supply!
Tips and Tricks
You can cut into opponents and take their blocks as long as those blocks are smaller
Use the speed power-up to catch up quickly with your opponents
Use your general boost to escape and catch up to other players
Avoid the division sign because this will halve your numbers
Move fast by holding left-click or space bar. After 2 seconds of going fast, you need to wait 6 seconds to cool down.
Move fast with an on-screen speed-up button. After 2 seconds of going fast, you need to wait 6 seconds to cool down.
Play online in a large multiplayer arena
Compete with others on the real-time leaderboard
Use various power-ups to boost your performance
Play Cubes 2048 on desktop and mobile devices
Release Date
December 2022
Playmost Games made Cubes
Web browser (desktop and mobile)
Last Updated
Mar 17, 2023
Move mouse = change direction
Hold left-click or space bar = speed up
Drag = move
Click the on-screen button = speed up